Notes Regarding Dog Photography Orders

If you wish to discuss any aspect of your dog’s photographs before placing an order please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be only too pleased to help                            

 Permit To Copy
I maintain copyright on all my photographs.
A permit to copy any photo is required to use it in
year books, magazines, books & internet etc.
It is not required for photos used in adverts in
the weekly dog press – I can e-mail free copies of
these photos direct to the papers
Year books & magazines £8
unlimited no. of uses.
Books & internet £20 single specified use.
If the specified use is for a web site, I will e-mail a free low res.
(72 dpi JPEG) image to you on receipt of this payment. High res images can only be sent direct to specified editors or printers
Combined permit of above £25

 Copyright Act 1988 

Because these images are digital, it is possible to make alterations. Small changes such as removal of leads etc. can be done at no extra cost. However things such as removal of handler from behind the dog etc are more complex and time consuming and will therefore incur extra cost. Please ask for a quote for any such adjustments.

Under no circumstances am I prepared to make any alterations regarding the structure or confirmation of any dog.